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KIKO Products Inc. develops, produces, and manufactures products for marketing worldwide. Founded in St. Catharines, ON Canada, KIKO Products Inc. is the creator of the hottest golf product to hit the market, the Wrist Rite Golf Tool.

About Wrist Rite

The Wrist Rite keeps the golfers lead hand flat so the clubface is straight at impact and reduces slices and hooks so your handicap score is lowered. Visit Wrist Rite Official Website to learn more about our product.

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To learn more about the company background visit our About Us page. To learn more about the KIKO Team, visit our Team Profile Page. If you wish to get in touch with us, use our Contact Section.

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Kiko News and Announcements

KIKO Products Inc. is a progressive company and will be launching several new products of great interest to both consumers and businesses. To keep you informed we invite you to visit our most recent press releases and any archived releases at the links below.

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Of course we can't give too much away when it comes to revealing what we have in store for you in the way of new products. However, as we prepare to launch new products, we will be sure to let you know all about them so you can share the excitement.

As each product launches, we will include the links to the main site page for each item below. Look for innovating new products coming to you soon from KIKO Products.


It's the newest thing to come your way in fishing since the mid 1900's and you are not going to want to miss our new products from KIKO Fishing Inc.